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For Students: Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for you if you have been in a class with me and you did well in that class and/or you were a contributing member of my lab. The letter will relate to aspects of your class/lab involvement, including your participation, writing abilities, and critical thinking skills. Please note: if you didn’t talk much in my class or come to office hours regularly, I won’t be able to write a strong letter for you, so please take that into account when considering letter writers.

Please keep the following details in mind when asking me for a letter:

1. Please let me know about the letter at least three weeks prior to the deadline, unless an emergency or special situation arises.

2. Please provide the following materials in one package once I have agreed to write the letter:

a) Information about each program that you are applying for.

b) Any forms that require my signature.

c) How each letter is to be sent (via email, hard copy, etc.).

d) When each letter is due.

e) Any writing you did in my class(es) with my comments. Please organize this by class and by the type of writing assignment. If you would like these materials returned to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will mail these back to you when the letter is complete.

f) Are there any qualities, skills, characteristics you would like me to focus on? Keep in mind you might want those writing letters on your behalf to comment on you from a variety of perspectives.

g) Your resume or CV.

h) Unofficial transcript.

i) Any drafts of essays that will be accompanying the application.

j) If the letters are to be mailed, please provide stamped, addressed envelopes.

My contact information:

Sara McClelland, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies & Psychology
204 South State St.
Lane Hall, Room 2114
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1290
(734) 763-4618